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How To Create RSS Feeds For Particular Google Search Result?

I have RSS News reader that I have set up to get instant updates from websites and blogs that I like. But I would also like to get instant updates about some new and fresh Google search results straight to my RSS reader. For example if there is a new news story or article or new website added to the Google search results that covers a particular query that I am interested in and then it is pushed to my RSS reader. Is it possible to do that and if so, how to make it work.
asked Nov 27, 2011 by HTB   2 2 10

2 Answers

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If you need to use Feed URL you can use URL below but you must replace the blue section whit your own API KEY and red section whit your search phrase. For example, lets use the phrase from above answer ‘career+development’ =AIzaSyDEF4SIw3aeechEK36dS_kY1TJ0OMU&q=career+decelopment

To get your API key:

  1. Sign in to your Google account and go to:
  2. Click API Access
  3. Generate a key and use that in the URL as mentioned above.



To prevent abuse, Google places limits on API requests 100 queries/day but this limit can be exceeded if you enable billing option.

answered Dec 2, 2011 by Linux   2
edited Dec 2, 2011 by Linux
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The best way to set up RSS feed for Google search results is by using Google Alerts. To set up Google Alerts follow these steps below:

1. Choose ‘Even more’ from the drop down menu.


2. On next page choose ‘Alerts’


3. Then type in you search query and choose ‘Feed’ unless you want the updates to be emailed to you, click ‘CREATE ALERT’ button and you are done.

To choose the Feed option you must be logged into you Google account. If you don’t have Google account you can have updates only delivered to your chosen email address.


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answered Dec 1, 2011 by hando   1 5
edited Dec 1, 2011 by hando
Thanks, that is great. But how can I get actual feed URL that I can subscribe to any feed reader?
Could you give me an example of how to implement it?, Thank you very much