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How Do I Delete My Facebook Account?

I want to delete my Facebook account, I did look everywhere under the settings but could not find the DELETE button. I must be able to delete my account??frown

asked Feb 17, 2012 by farrukh   2

2 Answers

0 votes

You got two options:

  1. Deactivate your account
  2. Permanently deleted you account


When you decide to deactivate your account your profile and your timeline page and all the other information will disappears from the Facebook immediately. Other users on Facebook can not search for you or view your information anymore. However, all your information will be saved, including all your photos and friends and so on, so if you decide to reactivate it at some point in the future your account will look exactly as you left it.


If you decide to permanently delete your account then it will be deleted forever, you can not reactivate it anymore and all your information will be permanently deleted from Facebook so there is no recovery.

To deactivate, do the following:

1. Go to your Facebook account settings page and choose 'Security Settings'.

2. Click 'Deactivate Your Account' at the bottom of security settings.













3. On next page choose required options like why you want to deactivate your account and click 'Confim'.











To permanently delete your account:

1. Go to Facebook Account Deletion Page.

2. Click the 'Delete My Account' button.









3. Enter your account password and captcha and click 'Okay'.















Now you have requested to permanently delete your Facebook account. Your account will not be deleted right away and it will take about two weeks before it will be permanently deleted. If during that two week period you will log in to your account, that will cancel the deletion process and your account will remain active.

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answered Feb 18, 2012 by Tim Sites  
edited Feb 18, 2012 by Tim Sites
0 votes

answered Feb 18, 2012 by lutdien   1