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How To Change Web Font In Windows?

Can I change web font of my windows web browser and if so how to do it?

asked Feb 19, 2012 by Musash   1

1 Answer

0 votes

By configuring some settings at Internet Explorer in ‘View Menu’ and changing the settings at the CPanel, browser can select many different font sizes and style and also font colours.

  1. To change the settings at the CPanel, select ‘Start Menu‘ and open CPanel, ‘Internet Options’ and choose ‘Accessibility‘. At Accessibility option choose 'Ignore font sizes specified on Web Page' change the other options as you need and click Ok.
  2. When you want to choose diffrent the style of the font, choose ‘Start Menu‘, and open Control Panel and Internet Option again and click ‘Fonts‘. Choose preferred Web-page font and Plain text font style and then click 'OK'.
  3. Changing the font colour, again choose the Start Menu, click the CPanel, Internet Option, choose Colours. On the option for Colour, uncheck the 'Use Window colours' and choose colour for background colour and text that you prefer.
  4. For changing the web page Font size using the IE, go to 'Start Menu', then 'all programs' when you are there then click on 'Internet Explorer'. Press on the button that says: View Menu top of the computer screen. Press the command 'Alt + v' in keyboard action, to open the View Menu.
  5. On the menu option drop down list, highlight and choose 'Text size' and select the font size that you prefer. The Font sizes are listed starting from small and go to largest.
  6. Click twice on the size you have chosen or just highlight the size and click enter. User will see the change in Fonts on the page now.
  7. If you decide to go back to the original format then go back to Option for internet and click 'Accessibility'  as you did before undo the 'Ignore font sizes specified on Web Page' or the remaining of the options to redo the setting, then click Ok and the web page then would go back to its original settings.

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answered Feb 22, 2012 by samaddar07  
edited Feb 23, 2012 by hando