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How To Start A Successful Blog?

I have been thinking of starting a blog but I am not really sure where to start and what to blog about. And also what some of the most important things to keep in mind to make my blog successful?

asked Mar 1, 2012 by mylanbeo   1 2 3

2 Answers

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You can blog about absolutely anything ranging from sport and fitness, weight loss, pregnancy, children, pets, sky diving or any other topic you enjoy or find interesting. Just have a look around the internet for your favorite hobby and I am sure you will find someone blogging about it. Some people blog for fun while others have very successful blogs that they make money with. 

If you are thinking about creating a blog, here are five tips on how you can make your blog successful.

  1. Blog about something you love or are passionate about. If you are only creating a Blog to make money then you can blog about anything but if you blog about something that you do not really care about, then you tend to lose interest and your blog becomes stagnant. When you blog about something you love then you are more likely to continue blogging and stay motivated to make your blog a success. When you blog about a topic you are passionate about it is also easier to give your readers new, interesting and valuable content regularly.
  2. Add valuable and epick content to your blog. When a visitor finds your blog, if they do not find anything interesting on your blog then they will just leave and never come back. When you give your readers valuable and interesting content then they are more likely to bookmark your blog and come back to read more. Your visitors are people that are interested in the same topic and are looking for helpful information and you need to give them that information they are seeking.
  3. Do not neglect your blog. If you have regular visitors you want to keep giving them regular new content. If your visitors return to your blog and there is nothing new for them to read then they may not return again. If you are consistent with updating your blog regularly then your readers will continue to come back often looking for new information. When you add new content to your blog regularly it will also help your blog to grow and become more and more popular.
  4. When you are adding information to your blog always use manners, good language and be sensible. Although bad language and bad mouthing people may draw a number of particular people, most people are turned away by this sort of behavior. People who visit your blog and looking for good, helpful information and if they find bad language and bad manners, then they will not take you seriously as an expert in your field.
  5. Build a good relationship with your readers. When your blog begins to grow, your visitors will start leaving comments on your blog posts. It is important to reply to comments so that you can build a good relationship with those readers. When you reply to comments you are encouraging interaction with your readers and you build a relationship on a personal level with them. Your readers will keep returning to your blog when they feel this connection with you.

These five simple tips can make the difference between a blog failure and a blog success. If you update your blog regularly with good content, write about something you are passionate about and build a relationship with your readers then your blog will soon be a success!

answered Mar 1, 2012 by Jasim   1
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If you are not sure where to start, then these basic steps below should help:

Choosing a Domain Name

When you have chosen your niche and done your keyword research you will then need to purchase a domain name to suit. For the best search engine optimization you should try to buy a domain that includes the keywords in the name. If you cannot get a domain name with your keywords then you can add another word at the beginning or end of the domain, just make sure the added word is appropriate so that the name still sounds good.

Choosing a Web Host

Next you will need some hosting for your blog. Web hosting is like renting some space on the internet for your blog. There are many free web hosting options but they usually have a lot of conditions and will often have ads displayed on your blog pages. If you are serious about creating a blog to earn money then it is recommended that you use a paid web hosting service.

Choosing a Blogging Platform

One of the most popular blogging platforms used for creating blogs is Wordpress. Wordpress is fast and easy to install and simple to use. Many web hosting companies will have Wordpress as an option and easy to follow installation instructions.

Add Content to Your Blog

When you have your blog up and running you then need to start adding content to it. Start off by writing some articles that are based around your main keyword phrase and then post those articles to your blog. Find some other related keyword phrases and write some articles around those also. If you have five or six other keyword phrases you can try to rank your blog for those keywords also which will give you more traffic.

Try to add new content to your blog every day so your blog will stay fresh and you will slowly build up the size of your website. If you dont have time to add a new article to your blog every day then do it as often as you can.

Monetize Your Blog

You can monetize your blog by adding some Google Adsense ads onto your blog. With Google Adsense you place the ads on your site and you get paid a certain amount every time someone clicks on an ad.

The other option for monetizing your blog is to promote products as an affiliate. You can join affiliate programs such as Clickbank and Amazon where they have a large range of products that you can promote.

Promote Your Blog

You will need to promote your blog so that your blog will be seen and you will receive visitors. You can promote your blog in a number of ways including submitting your blog posts to social bookmarking sites like Tumblr, Reddit and others.

Content marketing is another effective method for promoting your blog. This will increase the number of backlinks to your site and you should also pick up quite a few visitors directly from other site your content has been distributed.

Your blog can be quite profitable as long as you dont neglect it. Keep adding content to your blog regularly and dont forget to promote your blog as often as you can. You will soon start seeing a nice stream of visitors to your site and a nice stream of income to match.

answered Mar 1, 2012 by kazalbdmd   1