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How To Promote My Blog?

As I understand, creating a blog is the first step but there is more to blogging than just creating a blog. Don’t I also need to promote my blog, like building backlinks to it from other websites to rank higher in the search engines and maybe also get some referral traffic. So, what are some of the best ways to get some backlinks to my blog?

asked Mar 1, 2012 by mylanbeo   1 2 3

4 Answers

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Social networking


Social networking sites are a great way to get more visitors to your blog. There are so many social networking sites on the internet and they are incredibly popular. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have millions of users and are great sites for people with similar interests to connect. You can use these social networking sites to your full advantage for connecting with people that are interested in your niche. Not only will social sites give you more direct visitors but now search engines also use social signals in their ranking algorithms.


Ping your blog posts

Whenever you add a new post to your blog you can then ‘ping’ the post using service like Ping-o-Matick. By pinging your blog posts you are letting the search engines know that you have updated and added new content to your blog. The search engines will then send their spiders to visit your website and index the new pages. When your new pages are indexed they will then show up in the search engines when people search for your keywords.

More Ping Sites To Share Your Blog:

Comment on other blogs

Have a look around the internet for other blogs in the same niche as your blog. Many blogs will allow you to include a link with your comments so leave a comment and a link back to your blog. This will increase the number of backlinks to your blog and you should also pick up some traffic from the visitors of the blogs you comment on.

Join forums

Look for a forum in your niche and sign up. Whatever you do, do not spam the forum with useless information just to leave a link to your blog. You should interact with the other members and leave informative comments on forum posts. You can usually add a link in your signature on forums so use this space to link back to your blog.

At Big Boards you can find list of biggest forums on the web.

answered Mar 2, 2012 by Jashn   1 2
+1 vote

You are right, creating a blog is just the first step. Here are some methods for building backlinks to your blog.

1. Article marketing is one of the methods to promote your blog.  First you write an article that relates to the niche of your site and then you send that article to some article directories. After Google Panda updates, article directories have lost their bower a little bit but this method will still work. You can also look into some other web properties to submit your articles like Squidoo and HubPages.

2. Blogging is another great way to build links. You should create some other smaller blogs for the purpose of linking back to your main blog. You can use free blog sites such as Wordpress, Weebly, Blogger and Tumblr to build blogs and every time that you add a new post to these blogs you can include a link back to your main site.

3.Commenting on other blogs  is also an effective way for building backlinks. With blog commenting you visit other blogs, preferably in the same niche as your blog, and leave comments. Many blogs will let you to include a link with your comment so take advantage of this and add a link to your blog. When doing blog commenting you should always contribute to the blog conversation and leave good quality comments, otherwise your comments may not be approved and you won't receive that backlink.

4. Another great method for building backlinks is social bookmarking. Some great social bookmarking sites are Misterwong, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon.

5. Guest blogging, that is a good method for promoting to your blog. Start by searching the internet for blogs that relate to your niche. When you have found some good blogs then contact the owners and make them an offer to write a guest article post for their blog in exchange for including a link back to your own blog. Many blog owners will be happy for your guest post as it is giving them more content for their blog.

It takes some effort to build backlinks to your blog, but the time and effort that you put in will pay off long term when you start ranking well in the search engines and start seeing more visitors to your blog.


answered Mar 2, 2012 by Ejazmir   1
edited Mar 2, 2012 by hando
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SEO is the best way to get  backlinks..You can do the blogging, forum posting, directory and article submission..Or you can also increase your backlinks by purchasing the SEO plan at  ..It has two plans  with more features..Here you no need to do manually..They will submit your site in various directories and they will generate keywords for your site etc.,It helps to increase the visitors in a short period & you wlil get more backlinks.

answered May 15, 2012 by viju  
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What about using electronic signature tools? It is great to make your blog unique with signing your brand and also for identifying your users

answered Aug 4, 2012 by Tommy B