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How To Apply For New Generic Top-Level Domains?

As I understand that pre registration for new generic top-level domains (gTLD) is now open and I have heard that there are many interesting domain extensions being proposed, extensions like: .Game, .Web, .Shop, .Music, .Sport, .Money, .London, .NYC and hundreds more. I sure would like to register some of them. I did look at GoDaddy which is one of the biggest domain registrar but they have no mention about these new domain extensions. Through which domain registrar I can apply for some of these new generic top-level domains?

asked Mar 23, 2012 by jokara   1 3

2 Answers

+3 votes

Applying  for new generic top level domains is not really a regular domain registration but it is application to run and operate new gTLD and that requires some serious technical and financial resources.

If you are still interested of applying for a new gTLD you can do that through the TLD Application System (TAS) that is online submission system for new gTLD applications and that is operated by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). You got till 29 March 2012, that is the last chance for new applicants to register and till 12 April 2012 is the last application time.

Application itself is a lengthy process and ICANN has released an Applicant Guidebook for it. I think there is like 50 questions you must answer and lot of requirements and you need to give a deposit of $ 5000 and another payment of $ 180000 must be paid with final application.

Look at this ICANN craft below and you see how complex this registration is, nothing like registering a domain through GoDaddy: smiley 











You can read more about registering and applying for the new domain name extensions at ICANN website - New gTLDs: What to Expect in 2012

answered Mar 23, 2012 by nilminizze   2
edited Mar 23, 2012 by nilminizze
+2 votes

This is an ICANN video that explains very clearly how these new gTLD’s will work, whether you would like to keep it for yourself or sell second level domain registrations for the price you decide so if you are a successful applicant for the new gTLD, you can potentially make millions if you choose to. So once these domain names are active in 2013, then some of the owners of some extensions might outsource the managing and operating of their domain names to some registrars like GoDaddy or HostGator, then general public might be able to reg. some of these domain extensions.

And there is another video about New gTLDs Application And Evaluation Process, who can apply and so on…


answered Mar 23, 2012 by jokeman   2