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How to Make a Web Meme?

How do I make a picture Meme? I do not mean how to find ides or subjects for the Meme, I am interested in technical side of it, how to create one. Do I need a Photoshop for that?

asked Mar 24, 2012 by tungloa   1 1 2

2 Answers

0 votes

Is the meme below something that you would like to make?













answered Mar 25, 2012 by johirjess1   1
Yes, exactly. How do you insert the text like that on the image, are you using Photoshop for that?
No, you don’t need Photoshop or anything, I used website like that:, it is free site for creating and sharing memes, took me a minute to make that meme above. :)

To make a meme you just need to upload your image, enter your text and click ‘Save Meme’.
0 votes

You better check out where you can make all sorts of memes, not just image memes. You can create and share very professional memes, it is bit more complicated to use than some other meme creation sites but this detailed tutorial below will show you exactly how to do it.


answered Mar 25, 2012 by vipmrbin   1