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How To Make Money With Google Consumer Surveys?

I heard that Google has launched a new consumer surveys product, how does it work and where I could get more information about it. And as a website owner, is there a money making opportunity in it?

asked Mar 31, 2012 by Sorif   1 1 2

1 Answer

+3 votes

The way how new Google Consumer Surveys works is that businesses and companies that need to get some market research data can create a micro-survey using Google consumer surveys. Companies can ask customers about their new products or services or find out about their brand awareness, brand usage, purchase behaviour or intent, ad effectiveness, customer satisfaction or many other aspect of their business. This new service is really just to make expensive and time and resource consuming market research simple and fast.

Image below basically shows how the survey works:



















And there is also a video that will explain how the consumer surveys work:


For your question, how to make money or if you can make money with consumer surveys then the answer is yes.

As a website owner you can become a survey publisher, showing surveys on your websites and get paid when visitors complete the survey.

It will be similar to AdSense, adding few lines of code to your site and the survey box appears before visitors can read your content and once they take the quick one question survey by choosing an answer, the survey box disappears and visitor can see the content of your site.

The survey box may look like this:






















How much you will get paid for publishing surveys on your site is also similar to AdSense where you get certain percentage of what advertisers are paying.

Here are the prices what businesses will pay for the response:


















So if your site has some premium quality content or you would offer signup for popular free eBook and visitor needs to complete survey before they can access the content or signup form you can potentially make lot of money and there are obviously lot of other clever ways you can get people to complete the surveys so potential to make money with this is great.

There is a sign up form for publishers that are interested in displaying surveys on their site.

Also here is official Google Consumer Survey Page where you can get more information and details how it works.

answered Mar 31, 2012 by muhudu   4
I was reading and watching the video above about the new Google Consumer Surveys and how to make money with it and I can definitely see the potential here for webmaster to earn extra revenue with it but there are no terms and conditions anywhere how can I exactly display these surveys on my site, if I would put the survey on sign in/login page on my forum for example or on every page of my website then every time user wants to login or view the web page then  they need to do fill out the survey and that would generate lot of revenue then and visitors can only find out after filling the survey if the content was even useful for them. What are the terms and condition for Google Consumer Surveys. The terms and conditions must be different from Adsense as with AdSense you have option to click or not to click but with surveys you are forced to click before you can go on. So it should be actually totally opposite for AdSense which don’t allow webmaster to encourage to click on ads but with consumer surveys you need to or are allowed to encourage your visitors to click on them. I would really like to know how that would work exactly?
On this page you can find some information about how to use Google Consumer Surveys and also there is Google Consumer Surveys for publishers policies ( ) but it is not very detailed. As it is till new I suppose it will be probably updated soon, I hope.

If someone has some more information or even experience of displaying surveys on their site I would really like to hear about it.