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How To Verify My Website With Norton Safe Web?

In search results there is a gray Norton symbol next to my site that says UNTESTED.

Most other sites there is a green symbol showing OK.



As I understand I need to verify my site with Norton Safe Web to get the green safe symbol but how or where do I verify my site exactly?

asked Dec 9, 2011 by HTB   2 2 10
edited Dec 9, 2011 by HTB

1 Answer

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1. Open an account with Norton Web Safe

2. Go to 'My Profile' and then click ‘site dispute’ and then ‘Add Site’


3. Select the protocol, http or https , then enter your website's URL and click ‘Submit‘.


4. Now you need to verify that you are the owner of the website.


5. Use one of two methods of website verification options:

  • Meta tag
  • Upload an HTML file

Meta Tag

The <meta> tag needs to be placed in the <head> section, before the first <body> section.

As below:

<title>Title text</title>
<meta name="norton-safeweb-site-verification" > </head>
. . .



HTML Authentication File

Download the authentication file to your computer by clicking the download link.


Using FTP ( File Transfer Protocol )or your cpanel upload the file to your website’s Root Directory
















6. After uploading the HTML file or adding a meta tag as instructed click ‘Verify Now’


7. After completing the website verification process check if you can see ‘ownership verified’ next to your website URL in the ‘Status’ column.

If you see ‘ownership verified in the ‘Status’ column the then you have successfully verified your website and there will be green verified image appearing next to your site title in search results if you use Norton Safe Web.


answered Dec 9, 2011 by Linux   2