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How Can I Get Free Web Hosting?

How can I get free web hosting for a blog or small website, are there any web hosting providers that would offer free hosting service?

asked Jan 13, 2012 by Xaviery   1 1 4
edited Mar 2, 2012 by hando

1 Answer

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There are some free options around when it comes to hosting a blog, such as Blogger or Wordpress. I can underatand when you first start out online you may want to use a free web or blog hosting company to keep your costs down and not to spend money on paid hosting.

Unfortunately, free blog hosting is not usually the best option. Using free blogging hosts comes with its share of problems and if you are blogging to earn money, then these are problems you want to avoid.

When you use free blogging hosts like Blogger and Wordpress you will need to agree to all of their terms and services. If you violate any of their terms you can have your blog shut down. There have been occasions when people have had their blogs closed down without even realizing that they have violated any terms.

When creating a website you take pride in your work and you put a lot of effort into updating it with new content regularly. Imagine if you have had a blog for a year or two and have put a lot of effort into it and then out of the blue it gets closed down. Your blog is gone and there is nothing you can do about it. Imagine if that blog is earning you a decent income and all of a sudden it is shut down and your income stops.

When you are using a free blogging host then this is a risk that you take. It would be devastating to lose all your hard work plus lose your income.

I would always recommend using a paid hosting service for your blogs.  Wordpress is a great blogging platform and you can still using with a paid web hosting service.  The only difference is that when you are using Wordpress with paid hosting, the blog is yours to do with as you please. 

There are many different web hosting companies to choose from and many of them have quite cheap plans. Many hosting companies offer packages at around $10 a month to host unlimited domains so you can host as many blogs as you like for just $10 a month.

Another benefit to using a paid web hosting service for your blog is that you can have a good domain name. When using free blogging hosts you usually have to include part of their name in your domain name. But with your own paid hosting blog you can purchase any domain name you like as long as it is available for purchase.

Purchasing a domain name is inexpensive and for a .com name you will pay around $10 for one year. To have peace of mind that your blog won’t get shut down it is well worth the price for a domain name and paid hosting. Then you can create your blog, add content to it regularly and never have to worry about a free service closing you down.

Wouldn’t you rather pay out a small cost to ensure the security of your website and your online income!smiley


answered Mar 2, 2012 by Argos   1