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How Can I Find Out The Hosting Provider Of A Website?

I need to contact a hosting provider of website. I have emailed the site owner through their website contact form but they refused to give me the name of their hosting service. How can I find out who is the hosting provider of this website?

asked Feb 2, 2012 by Tim Sites  
retagged Feb 12, 2012 by hando

3 Answers

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There are lot of websites offering WHOIS lookup service, some of them also give you information about IP address, web hosting provider, domain registrar and name server and even history with screenshots to give a complete view of a domain name's history.

Have a look at these five search tool below:






I think that DomainTools is the most well know in domain search, past and present domain name registration information and ownership and hosting records.






2. is another popular tool for webmasters that lets you find out which web hosting service any website is hosted with.







You can now do a WHOIS query with Network Solutions that will give you detailed WHOISE information including IP address and host name and all the other required details will also be listed.






4. WebHosting.Info

WebHosting.Info is another good WHOIS look up service that displays several additional details about a domain name or an IP address including information about Web Hosting Company that is hosting the domain name, location of the IP Address, lists of all other domains hosted on an IP Address and domain owner details, admin contact and lot more. It is also a free service.






5. is also a very good tool where you can do WHOISE lookup, DIF utility lookup, IP location lookup, Hostname lookup, TCP/IP Port scan and Query block list.


answered Feb 12, 2012 by George Benes  
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I have been using SmartWhois that is very good network information utility that lets you to find out all the information about an IP address, domain name or hostname, including state or province, country and city name of the network provider and also administrator and technical support contact information. You do need to download it to your computer in order to use it. If you just need to use it for once or twice then I think you are better off using these services mention by Georg.

Anyway, here is a short video, what it does and how to use it.



answered Feb 12, 2012 by hamna  ‚óŹ 1
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You can use whois lookup sites to know the hosting provider of this website. There are many free whois search sites available online. Among those i would suggest the site . In that select the domain to Ip search and provide the domain name. It will displays the IP address of the domain name. Then select the whois search and enter the IP address, which you got from domain to IP search. It will display the ip provider or hosting provider name if they did not get private registration. Using this you can mail or call to the hosting provider.

answered May 22, 2013 by coffeevenum