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How To Level Up Fast And Play Like A Pro In World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft is so addictive, I have been playing for a few months only but I am so caught up in the character that I created. I have gained many new skills already and completed many quests but advancement in the game just does not happen fast enough for me.

For me the beginning levels are a little boring and I just cant wait to level up to the more exciting, more enjoyable, higher levels. Some levels can even be quite confusing and it makes me wonder how some new people get through them, play like a pros and level up so fast.

asked Feb 3, 2012 by Mis Mida  

4 Answers

+3 votes

There are quite a few people that start off playing World of Warcraft and level up really fast and they also attain lots of gold within a reasonably short period of time and they do so by using a good World of Warcraft guide. A good WoW guide can teach you strategies and tips to help you progress faster in the game.

One commodity that is very important in World of Warcraft is gold! You need gold to buy many items throughout the game, to train your character and to learn the many different skills that you need to fight mobs and complete quests.

I would advise you to get hold of a good WoW guide. The problem here is to know which guides are good and which are just a waste of money. Some WoW guides are great at teaching how to find gold fast and how to level up fast. Finding the right guide to teach you everything you need to know will really make a big difference in how fast you will progress in the game.

There are many different ways to earn gold in World of Warcraft and each character and profession will use different strategies to earn it. You want to find a WoW guide that gives specific instructions for the different characters and professions so no matter what profession you choose, you will be able to find the right strategy to use.

If you worry that using a WoW guide might be considered cheating, you don’t need to worry at all because it is not a book full of cheats but rather a guide to help you by giving you instructions to find your way around the game. Using cheats in the game can get you banned so you don’t want any sort of guide that will give you cheats; all you want is a guide that is simply that – a guide.

When choosing a World of Warcraft guide, look for a guide that gives instructions on how to find gold faster for different characters and professions. A good WoW guide will give instructions on all professions and will even help you to decide which profession is best for your character to earn gold faster.

Many of the good WoW guides come with a number of bonus guides which tend to be guides that are more specialized to particular areas of the game. For example, they may offer a guide that is all about buying and selling at the Auction house or a guide that is solely a guide for professions within the game.

You will want a World of Warcraft guide that gives instructions on how to complete quests as well as teaching you which quests are best to complete and which ones are not worthwhile completing.

A good WoW guide will also give you mob charts showing you the best spots to locate mobs, which are the best mobs and what type of items the mobs will drop.  You will also learn the best methods for killing different kind of mobs.

 Don’t rush in and buy the first WoW guide you see as there are many different guides to choose from. You need to have a look at what each guide is offering in the main guide and also in the bonus guides. Buy a World of Warcraft guide that will cover everything you need to know to help you progress faster in the game.

answered Feb 8, 2012 by subedisanto   2
+1 vote

One of the most basic ways to level up in WOW is by completing quests. When you complete quests you will gain experience that will help you to level up in the game and you will also be able to kill creatures and mobs throughout the quests. When you kill these enemies they will sometimes drop items or even gold that you can then collect. The items you collect can be sold for gold later at the Auction House.

When you complete quests your character carries with them a bag that they can put items in that they collect along the way. The bag will only hold so many items so when going on a quest it is recommended that you give your character a large bag so they can collect as many items as possible from the enemies killed. You do not want to kill creatures only to find you do not have enough room in your bag to carry the items they drop.

Unfortunately, this is a common mistake that players make – they send their character out on a quest without a larger bag to collect items. When you are on a quest and you find items you can face a difficult decision if you come across a very important or rare item but your bag is already full of other items and you do not have enough room to carry anything else. You will need to decide whether to drop an important item out of your bag or whether to leave the new, found item behind – either way you could be missing out on something important.

In World of Warcraft, when you complete a quest you will be rewarded with items and/or gold. The items you are rewarded with may be quite useful and if they are not useful to you then you can sell them for gold at the Auction House. Completing these quests is a great way to build up your gold and to level up in the game.

As long as you remember to give your character a larger bag when going on a quest, then completing quests is a great way to earn riches in the World of Warcraft game. There are some great WoW guides available that will give you detailed quest walkthroughs that can help you to complete quests easily and as such will help you to gain gold fast!

answered Feb 8, 2012 by john0168   1
0 votes

The truth is that those people who level up fast and seem to play like a pro are doing so because they are following the strategies of a World of Warcraft guide.

You can move up the levels much faster and play like one of the pros if you are following a good World of Warcraft guide.  This is a huge game that can become quite overwhelming with all the quests that a player can do.  What you need to realise is that not all quests must be completed for a player to progress in the game.

Quests give different results with some being more effective at helping you to level up faster while others give more rewards.  There are so many different quests that it can be quite confusing at times knowing which ones will benefit you in the game.

This is one of the benefits you have of using a World of Warcraft guide, it will help you to keep on track and know which quests are worthwhile completing.  A good WoW guide will also teach you how to build gold faster and build your gold fortune without using the boring, tedious methods that many people use.

If you are serious about progressing in the World of Warcraft game then it is essential that you pick up a good WoW guide that will help you play like a pro.  Soon your friends will be coming to you for advice on how to level up in the World of Warcraft game.wink

answered Feb 3, 2012 by Max Lootus  
0 votes

There is a video that will show how to level up fast, but this does not work for Warlock, Priest, Hunter, Shaman.


answered Feb 9, 2012 by rashid92