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How To Clean My Computer Internet History?

I know there are some programs that can clean computer internet history but I want to know how can I do it manually? I want to clean everything, like: temporary internet files and folders and other private information, any data that browsers have stored.

asked Feb 5, 2012 by Marco   1 1 3
What Web Browser are you using?
I am using Internet Explorer version 8.

1 Answer

0 votes

That is how I delete my computer internet history. I am using Internet Explorer version 8.

1. Click on the 'Safety' tab on top right on your browser window.

2. From drop down menu choose 'Delete Browsing History' or just press Ctrl+Sift+Delete











3. Choose what browsing history you want to delete by checking boxes next to each category.

You can choose to delete:

  • Temporary Internet files
  • Cookies
  • A history of the websites you have visited
  • Information that you have entered into websites or the Address bar
  • Saved web passwords



















4. Click 'delete' and in few seconds to few minutes chosen data is deleted.










5. Now close Internet Explorer after you are done to also clear all cookies that are still in memory from your current browsing session.

Using this method to Delete your browsing history does not clear your favourites or subscribed feeds.

answered Feb 10, 2012 by George Benes