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What Are The Best Professions To Have In World Of Warcraft?

2 Answers

0 votes

When playing World of Warcraft you can take on one of the many different professions available for characters to earn an income. One very profitable profession is that of skinning. Skinning can sometimes be quite time consuming but with a bit of practice you can master this profession and then you will be able to earn a lot of gold, even quite early in the game.

You will spend a lot of time out on the field with the skinning profession while you are gathering skins. You will need to carry with you a large bag so you can carry skins plus your other items. Skins can take up a bit of room in your bag and you don’t want to have to drop your other important items to make room for the skins.

The skinning profession involves hunting and you will collect skins with which you will be able to create leather by using leatherworking recipes. Your character will spend large amounts of time out on the field so you will need to carry survival items such as food, water and necessary potions.

Skinning is a great profession for your character to have as you can create leather by hunting and skinning animals and monsters. You can then sell that leather for gold. Another benefit of the skinning profession is that you will also increase your EXP and level up in the game while you are killing animals and monsters.

There are some special leather drops that you should keep an eye out for when you are out hunting and skinning, such as the Clefthoof leather. Leather like this is very valuable and can make you a lot of money.

Many people avoid the skinning profession because it can be time consuming, where in actual fact it is a very good profession for earning gold. To perform well in this profession you should find out as much information as you can, including how to find the rare leather drops.

Skinning really is a good choice for profession, so keep that in mind when you are choosing a profession for your WoW character. This is a profession that is very lucrative and will also help you to level up faster in the game.

answered Feb 8, 2012 by john0168   1
0 votes

Each profession has a different set of skills and will give a different outcome in the game so it is important to choose a profession carefully.

One popular profession is Herbalism which involves gathering different plants that you will find throughout the game. The plants that you gather can be very valuable.

If you combine herbalism with the profession of alchemy then it becomes even more effective. The alchemy profession enables you to turn some plants into potions so combined with herbalism, alchemy can be very lucrative. The many different potions that you can create can give speed, heal, resist fire and many more.

Fishing is also a very good profession. A fishing character can fish for pearls which can earn a lot of gold when sold.

Skinning, as already mentiond, is another profession that can earn your character gold fast and help you to level up faster in the game.

answered Feb 8, 2012 by Max Lootus