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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Asking Questions

  • Use clear headlines in the form of a question.
  • When possible start the question with 'how'.
  • Use any additional information required to specify what your question is about.
  • Use tags so that the question will be found easily by others.
  • Use a minimum of 1 tag and a maximum of 5 tags.
  • Use the most important and relevant keywords for your tags.
  • Use screenshots or images if required to clarify your question.
  • Use English only.

Using Tags

It is required that you use a minimum of one tag when asking a question. Tags are the main keywords that are used to describe your question, very similar to categories. Tags help other members to find your question and they also help to organize questions based on information provided.

For Example, if you ask a question: 'How To Get A Facebook Api Key?' then you could use following tags: social networks, facebook, developers, api key.

What more tags you use then better ( max 5 ). Choose tags that best describe your question or use most important keyword in your question

Separate tags with a comma and keep each tag to either a one, two or three word phrase maximum. You can look on the tag page to see what tags other people are using to get an idea.

Always use lower-case letters and correct spelling for tags.

Answering Questions

  • Try to be as specific as possible when answering a question.
  • When possible, give step by step instructions.
  • When possible, use videos, screenshots or images to make your answer more detailed.

Posting Videos

To post a video, copy and paste the link of the video to the text editor when leaving your answer and embedded video will appear in your answer.

Our system currently supports videos from the following sites: - YouTube - Vimeo - Metacafe - Dailymotion

Only use good quality and helpful videos.

Posting Images And Screen Shots

When posting images please keep the maximum width of the image 550 px.

You can edit all the image properties using our text editor when posting an answer.

Only use good quality images and screen shots.

Leaving Comments

Comments are for:

  • Clarifying what has been asked.
  • Asking follow up questions.
  • Adding any extra information or details to an answer.
  • Clarifying or correcting any points in an answer.

If you feel that there is a lot of information to add to an answer or that you can give more detailed or relevant information then it may be best to leave a new answer instead of leaving a comment.

Do not leave comments like: Thank you. Good answer. Well done and so on.

Choosing The Best Answer

You can only choose the best answer if you are the person who asked the question. The question remains open, even after you have chosen the best answer so that other people can still post their answer to the question. You can change your choice if you decide that a new answer is the best answer. You shouldn't choose the best answer based on the person that wrote the answer or because it appears least useless. Only choose the best answer if it is clear, detailed and was the most helpful answer for your question. You can also look at the votes that other members have left to help choose the best answer.


Any registered member of can vote on answers, however the person that posted the answer cannot vote for their own answer. You can only leave one vote for each answer.

Voting Down

There is an option to dislike, or vote down an answer; however you must have a clear reason for doing so.

You should only vote down if you believe an answer to be unclear, inaccurate, misleading, poorly worded, incomplete or no longer valid. If you feel that an answer is completely useless, off topic, spammy or promotional then you should flag it so that the moderators can remove it.

Always vote down sparingly as in most cases people are just trying to help.

Posting Links is a website where you can gain and contribute information and knowledge on any topic that is web related. It is not a place where you can blatantly promote your own website to gain new customers.

If you are answering a question and your website relates to that question and provides good, on-topic information then you are welcome to leave your answer and include a helpful link to your website.

Links are only allowed if they are relevant, helpful and naturally appearing. All links must be in correlation with the question and/or answer.

Links to spammy, low quality websites are not allowed, nor are links that contain affiliate links. Do not post links that may contain viruses, malicious programs or that may interfere with the website.

Links that appear irrelevant, promotional or unhelpful or links that are accompanied by poor answers will be removed and the user may be banned.

To promote yourself or your company or services and link back to your website or blog please use signatures. Signatures Guidelines apply.

Points System has a points system to reward the community members for posting helpful and details answers and for being active members of the website. Creating multiple accounts or using third party services or automated systems to manipulate point scores is not allowed. It is strictly prohibited to post questions and answers solely to gain points or soliciting other members for points or votes.

Members who violate the website rules and guidelines above may have their accounts deleted and banned from our system. Any serious or deliberate violation may result in the user's IP address and email address being reported to spam databases and their web hosts.

Please always be helpful and be respectful to other members at all times.