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This page here contains answers to commonly-asked questions about Please take the time to read through these FAQs below before posting questions or answers. For more information you can also check our Community Guidelines. If you still have some questions after reviewing this information please use the Feedback Form to contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions

» How Is Different From Discussion Forums? is a questions and answers website. It is a place to learn, ask questions and also share your knowledge about anything related to world wide web (w3) and internet. It is designed to provide very thorough and in-depth questions and answers. The main focus is on ‘WEB’ (world wide web) and on ‘HOW’ (how-to instructions). There are no general discussions, only detailed instructions and useful tips.
» Is It Free To Use? is completely free. Anybody can brows and read all the content. To ask questions or leave answers you need to register. Registration is free and easy.
» What Kind Of Questions Or Answers You Do Not Accept?
We do not accept questions that are vague, off topic, chatty, promotional, argumentative or open-ended. We do not accept answers that are copy and paste from other websites, promotional, spammy, very short, not helpful or off topic.
» Can I Post Links?
You can post links only if they are relevant, helpful and naturally appearing and provide useful, on topic information to the questions. All links must be in correlation with the question and/or answer. We do not accept any kind of signature links, affiliate links or links accompanied by poor answers.
» Why Did My Post Disappear?
If your post gets flagged by other members it wont be visible again for general users till it is reviewed by moderators. If the post was spam or did not contain any useful information, it will be permanently deleted. If post was flagged by mistake it will be reinstated as before. To avoid having you questions or answers flagged and deleted please follow the quid lines of the website when posting.
» Who Can Flag Posts?
Any registered user who finds spam or unsuitable post can flag it. Flagging the post does not delete the post but brings it to the attention of the site moderators.
» Who Moderates This Site?
This site is part moderated by moderators, appointed by site administrators. See member levels. This site is also moderated by site administrators.
» Who Can Edit Posts?
As a registered user you can only edit your own posts. Once you have reached editor status you are able to edit all the posts that you think are in need of some improvement or correction. Once your question has been edited, there will be a note of it who edited and when was the last edit made.
» What Type Of Edits Are Made?

We do not encourage wikapedia style edits where post is improved by adding more and more information to it. We also do not accept major or total rewrites of the post.

We mostly expect editors and moderatos to make grammatical and spelling corrections, correct obvious mistakes, correct capitalization, punctuation and perform formatting and rearranging of the text and images to improve the layout of the posts. Some additional and missing information or images can also be added to the posts but if there is lot of new information to add then it is better to post new answer.

Posts that are in need of major editing due to lack of information, wrong or misleading information, bad grammar, spelling or any other issues that are not in accordance to our community quidlines will be flagged and deleted.

» Can I Answer A Question That Has Already Been Answered?
Yes of course. If you feel that your answer would be better, more detailed, more up do date or from different point of view and so on, please lave your answer. Or perhaps you would like to add a video or some images to your answer. Even if the person who asked the question has already chosen the best answer they can always reconsidered or other users might find your answer more useful or easy to follow than previous ones.
» How Do I Thank The User Who Answered My Question?
The best way to give thanks or show your appreciation is to give up vote for the answer or choose it as the best answer.
» How To Bump Up My Unanswered Post?
If it happens that your question has not received an answer then editing your answer will bring it back to the top on all activity page. Do not bump your post up very often and when making edits to your question try to add more information to make it more detailed and easier to answer.
» Can I Answer My Own Question?
Yes, you can answer your own question. If you have found an answer to your question after posting it to you are more welcome to answer it for the benefit of everybody.
» How Can I Post A Video?
Copy and paste the video url to the text editor before, in the middle or after the text when posting your answer. Our system currently supports videos form YouTube - Vimeo - Metacafe - Dailymotion
» How To Upload An Image Or A Screenshot To A Post?
Adding a picture or a screenshot to a question or answer is very easy. Click the Insert Image text editor toolbar button and then select an image from your computer, or the web and then click Upload. Using image properties options always leave a meaningful images description.
» What Is The Criteria For Acceptable Image?
When posting images please keep the maximum width of the image 550 px. You can change the image properties using text editor after uploading. Only post good quality images or screenshots. You may only post images that you own, or that you otherwise have the right to post.
» How To Change My Profile Picture (gravatar)?

The picture that appears in user profiles can be an image or a photo uploaded from your computer or a gravatar, which means globally recognized avatar.

To use gravatar choose an option ’Show My Gravatar’ at your account settings page. You also need to upload your image or a picture to the website from where we retrieve your image using a cryptographic key based on your email address. (please be sure to use the same email address that you used to register with us) This way all the websites you trust can show your image next to your posts and your email address remains private.

Please do personalize your account with an image - whether it is image uploaded from your computer or gravatar.