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Rewards & Recognition

Prizes And Rewards

We are giving out some prizes and rewards to our members. These prizes will be a nice reward and recognition for anyone that has taken time to answer questions, do the research, share their knowledge or just being helpful and active member of the community.

Please keep in mind that you will earn points for every action you take on this site. And you will also get rewarded point when your answers are voted up or chosen as 'Best Answer' by other members. These prizes below are addition to our regular points scheme. See points and actions.


Rewards And Prizes Are As Follows:

  • Become an expert - 2000 points
  • Every user who reaches 10000 points - $ 100 + 1000 points
  • Every user who reaches 50000 points - $ 500 + 2000 points

In addition to the rewards listed above, extra points will be given randomly to one or more users for the following activities: being active, giving useful answers, asking good questions, making useful comments, using images or screenshots in their answers.

Rules To Follow:

Not Allowed:

  • Members are not allowed to create multiple accounts and use these accounts to manipulate voting and/or the point system.
  • Members are not allowed to solicit other members for up votes and/or best answers.
  • Members are not allowed to use any method to artificially increase their point level.
  • All answers must be original and not copied from other forums, blogs or websites.

All the other site rules and quidelines apply and regular moderation is taking place to eliminate spam and low quality questions and answers.

Explication of Rewards

All the reward points received will be added to user's existing point count.

Cash rewards will be paid by PayPal.

Extra points given randomly by administrators in amount of 10, 20, 30, 40 or maximum 50 points per user per day.

Winners of the cash prizes and changes to the reward program will be announced on announcement page.